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Coloring books for adults? Yeah, right . . .


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Maybe if it was a Star Trek coloring book, I might be down with that, but the current craze for coloring books for “grown-ups” leaves me just a little cold; if it takes one of the current offerings to bring out an adult’s “creativity,” chances are said adult may not have much creativity to begin with.

At any rate, I’m not impressed in any way with the coloring books offered to adults, whether it be to relieve stress or get in touch with our inner Michelangelo. The pictures are silly.

They aren’t cool. They are Silly.

I mean, if you want a coloring book, why not just say, “Hey, I wouldn’t mind indulging in that again for a while.” Don’t gussy it up by all getting all pretentious on everybody.

As for bringing out your creativity, what happened to the old blank sheet of paper? Or the walls of an abandoned building?

Or your neighbor’s garage?

That’s creativity.

Creating art from nothingness.

Still, if you have a hankering for some Star Trek coloring pages, here is a cool site for you:

Just don’t try to pretend you are letting your creativity all loose and everything. Somebody is liable to come along and take your lunch money . . .


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