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Internet Outrage and those sad souls who can’t quite seem to read anything past the title of a blog or news article



“So molesting underage girls is virtuous in your view. I think we all have your number!”

Sure you do, Binky.

I have been writing this blog for some years now, and except for coming clean when I have messed up, I generally don’t respond to folks who post comments. While I am appreciative that somebody - anybody! - somewhere reads my stuff, I just sort of read over them and go on to my next piece of writing.

But this time came not one, but two separate posts - both from folks who don’t seem to know their real names - which were filled to the brim with Internet Outrage. And, like so much which can be found online these days, they were sad examples of the type of person we so often encounter on Facebook - those who read a title of a piece and feel compelled to attack their keyboard in a frenzy - all too often neglecting to go any further than the few words they managed to read, and presumably understood.

Such was the case with a blog I wrote entitled:

Oh, those leftists and their attacks on the virtuous Josh Duggar

I suppose if I were one of those given over to Internet Hysteria - and way, way too busy to actually read the actual piece itself, I might be tempted to . . . well, no, I wouldn’t, because I learned way back in elementary school that there is so much more to a story than just the title.

If the person who left the above post on my blog had bothered to read on, they might have accidentally stumbled into the words that followed:

“Sooner or later, somebody on the Infernal Internet, in their sad, desperate attempt to defend Josh Duggar, is going accuse liberals/progressives/leftists of somehow influencing him as a young man.

“In my few forays into Facebook Land in the past day or so I have seen such whining as I have not seen in many a day, with grown men - who should know better - seeing Dark Conspiracies, and the frightening hand of liberals behind the coverage of the Duggar family . . .”

Perhaps even the person who left this post:

“Nice try. This doesn't have anything to do with "leftists" and you know it. Stop trying to stir up controversy and blame everything on someone else. He admitted to what he did and he shouldn't get a pass because he's a conservative Christian. If he wasn't 'famous' because of that show nobody would even bat an eye or question whether he should do jail time or register as a sex offender.I think it's sad that people complain that folks voted for Obama because he's black but people stand behind a molester because he's Christian. Both are wrong.”

But we live in a world where literacy and logic are in sadly short supply, and so people feel justified in arguing furiously online about titles of articles, and not all those pesky words that come the titles.

I probably won’t write any more about posts left in the comment section of my blog; these just happened to come by just when I was thinking about writing about this subject.

Such is life.


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