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Oh, those leftists and their attacks on the virtuous Josh Duggar



Sooner or later, somebody on the Infernal Internet, in their sad, desperate attempt to defend Josh Duggar, is going accuse liberals/progressives/leftists of somehow influencing him as a young man.

In my few forays into Facebook Land in the past day or so I have seen such whining as I have not seen in many a day, with grown men - who should know better - seeing Dark Conspiracies, and the frightening hand of liberals behind the coverage of the Duggar family.

It sort of made me wonder - replace Duggar’s name with Barack Obama, and I wonder how many of those men (and it’s really creepy how many men are rushing to his defense) would be so eloquent while girding their loins on his behalf.

I’ll wait until you stop laughing.

The Duggarites practice a pretty bizarre set of sexual/social beliefs - which even extends to how women are treated within the family. Whether the crazy-ass beliefs of the parents contributed to what happened will be debated for many a day by those on either side of the issue,whether they have all the facts at their disposal or not.

But here is something which I believe with all my heart - few, if indeed any - of those who are so vehemently defending either one Duggar or the entire species, practice those beliefs themselves. It is just an excuse for for those who see a Liberal Conspiracy everywhere at any time to cry out, “Not on my watch!” whether the subject be Josh Duggar, climate change or the cancellation of Gilligan's Island.

And how lucky for the Duggarites that they have been able to tap into that conservative rage, those incoherent beliefs that young conservative boys are being held to an impossibly high standard.

Just for fun, those who have been pounding their keyboards with such vim and vigor the last day or so should erase his name from the equation, and examine how they would feel about the subject if the person involved were someone they had never heard of.


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