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Fayetteville’s very own Zombie Inn



Once, back at the dawn of time, there were some developers who sought to bring a veritable Renaissance to downtown Fayetteville by building a lovely hotel.

Mighty cosmic forces strove against them, however, and the hoped for Renaissance never came to pass. Instead, the Ye Old Mountain Inn was paved over, and a parking lot was put in place over what came to be known in certain cynical circles as “Fayetteville’s Big Dig.”

Today, we no longer think of our lost Renaissance, of our Lost Innocence. Today, in 2015, we have a parking lot which sits next to a structure that Night of the Living Dead director George Romero might very well appreciate.

We paint over sewer drains, and yet we leave Fayetteville’s Zombie Inn intact - a building which almost literally cries out for, if not a mural, at least a troop of Boy Scouts wishing to earn a few merit badges.

And as these pictures will show, almost any destination around the Square will bring you in contact with the Zombie Inn.

I finally read the instructions on how to post pictures to my blog.


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