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Biopsy: The Countdown begins



Over the past week it has become my firm belief that enemas are something which should only be administered while one is under anesthesia. Unless between now and early tomorrow morning I manage to slip into an alternative universe where things make more sense, that isn’t likely to happen in my case. Ah well . . .

On TV they always seem to get you in for your biopsy with lightning speed - not have you wait for two weeks, and then wait another week for the results.

I had gone to the doctor with what I had feared was testicular cancer (yes, and given the way the universe works, that particular problem was cleared up by the time I got to see him), but a prostate exam revealed that I might have another problem, one that requires Thursday morning’s biopsy.

I caught myself over eating for a couple of days, but managed to pull myself out of that spiral. Still, I have had more than a little trouble sleeping.

While I may not be looking forward to tomorrow, I will be glad when it is over, and even gladder if we discover that whatever it is, we have caught it in time.

Still, that damned enema.

When we ordered the kit from Collier’s, I suggested to Tracy that we order five or six, so that we could have a few practice sessions. She laughed.

See you on the other side.


The power of prayer

Folks have offered to pray for me, and I’d be a damn fool to turn that sort of thing down. I know that prayer works, after all, since when I was just a wee tiny sprig of a lad I prayed that I might one day have my very own TV show.

If I were a smarter sprig of a lad, I would have added” . . . one that pays me lots and lots of money.”

It is a prayer I have attempted to refine over the past 20+ years, but the Universe, with its perverse sense of humor, has steadfastly held to our original bargain.


Quote of the Day

You can’t fake it. Bad writing is a gift. - Richard Le Gallienne

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