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A Walmart Convenience Store? Really? Good grief . . .



You know the really nice thing about watching local news programs when you go out of town? You don’t experience the sycophantic Walmart “news” each TV station in Northwest Arkansas feels compelled to offer viewers

Okay, I have that out of my system.

Sadly, we’ll have even more of what passes for news from the Bentonville Bodzilla once they begin opening up convenience stores in a neighborhood near you.

With the first opening this week, in full view of Walmart’s High Command, one sort of has to wonder just why Walmart feels compelled to enter the world of convenience stores, where folks pay a little higher in price for the convenience of getting out of the store a little faster.

Is it Walmart’s intention to use their pricing power to put a few little convenience stores out of business, and if so, why?

And what does it mean, when Wal mart told Bentonville officials that their convenience store would be the “only one of its kind”?

Is there a crying need for a Walmart convenience store, when there are so many others in the world trying to eke out a living?

What might be next? Walmart bookstores? Walmart hamburger joints? Walmart tattoo parlors?

Walmart movie theaters?

Walmart health food stores? Walmart Army/Navy Surplus stores?

We already have “Walmart News” on what passes for local news programming, where each and every Walmart press releases is treated like manna from Heaven; maybe we could have WMTV?

Maybe they could buy a university . . .

How much money is too much, and how many business put of business are too many are questions the like of which will never keep the folks at Wally World up at night, I suppose.


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