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Mark Darr is the face of the Arkansas Republican Party; why should any Democrat want him to resign?


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It’s easy to become moralistic and self-righteous at the best of times, but in the case of Mark Darr, the Fighting Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas, Democrats all across the state should be thumping him on the back, and saying, “Hang in there, hoss!”

Because Mark Darr, along with Jason Rapert and the portly fellow who impugned the courage of folks in Boston after the marathon bombing, is the face of the modern Republican Party in Arkansas. Believe me when I tell you this, Naive Reader, that Mark Darr is one of those whose faces pop up in my mind when I think of the GOP in Arkansas.

Okay, I realize the job of Lt. Governor is a vital institution, and that . . . oh, not even I can write that with a straight face. Everyone in the political realm seems to realize that, save for Lt. Governor Junior Samples of Arkansas, whose explorations into ethics violations may provide Arkansas with our very own impeachment trial.

How sad for the GOP that the impeachee in question is a member of the Grimy Old Party.

There are so many things that Democrats could expend their energy on, but really, going through the motions of political outrage over the likes of Mark Darr ain’t one of ‘em.

Mark Darr - unlike the likes of Jason Rapert or the rest of the Men with Bad Haircuts in the Arkansas legislature - can’t really do all that much except bring further humiliation down upon his party, and - if he had the self-awareness - himself.

The fact that he still has some measure of support from within the Republican Party speaks volumes in itself. But the fact that that there are those in his own political family who would like to send him to Coventry should suggest something to Lt. Governor Samples, but it seems he is intent on dragging his fellow Republicans through the mud along with him.

In the meantime, Democrats who think that Mark Darr is a gift from the political gods might well think about contributing to his eventual defense fund. The phone number?

Well, I’m just guessing now, but I’d try looking under BR549 . . .


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