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Does Congressman Steve Womack hope and pray that his constituents never read newspapers?



Looking over the newspapers collected during our sojourn to That Place In Oklahoma, I came upon a news item from the Northwest Arkansas Times, dated August 13:

Womack Says Shutdown Equals Suicide for GOP

It seems that back in August The Scowling One was speaking before a crowd of almost 200 people in Bentonville, and said, “You really ought not to take a hostage if you’re not willing to shoot him.”

Warming to his subject, TSO told his audience (some of whom seem to have gotten their history from the Internet, and not from, say, actual books) that the Affordable Health Care Act would continue to go on, regardless of any government shutdown.

Some in the audience seemed quite upset that the GOP would have to pay any political price at all should the government shut down, because the 1995 shutdown did not have the results for Republicans which many had predicted. You may insert a question mark here if you wish.

True, Republican members of Congress weren’t tarred and feathered in the streets, but they paid a price in the voting booth - and were denied the presidency in 1996. Try explaining that to someone who gets their idea of history from a website, though.

At any rate, to skip ahead to the present day, TSO can’t (or whoever on his staff is in charge of reading it) be too happy with his Facebook page this morning, as most of the posters are taking him to task for cooperating with the terrorists in the GOP who have long desired to shut down the federal government.

About the only bright spot in all of this is that, rain or shine, shutdown or not, Steve Womack gets a paycheck. Which makes all of this even more of a game for the “Shut ‘er down!” folks who have somehow conned the public into voting for them. None of them will be feeling any pain, none of them will worry about feeding their families.

TSO may have been a political prophet (as opposed to being a political hack) in August, though he may wish that no one knew of his words today.


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