The Athens of the Ozarks and the Booted Car - Also Known As: Does anyone not know how to use Google before inviting folks to operate in our town? | Street Jazz

The Athens of the Ozarks and the Booted Car - Also Known As: Does anyone not know how to use Google before inviting folks to operate in our town?


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“You know,” I remarked to the young couple on Dickson Street on Saturday morning, “Fayetteville used to be known as the ‘Athens of the Ozarks.’”

“Really?” the young woman asked as the man with her fiddled with the Pay Here/Park Here automated system, so that they could enjoy their morning and not have to worry about walking home.

“Oh, yeah,” I said. “In those far off days, if anyone had ever suggested that cars should be booted on Dickson Street, they would have been ridden out of town on a rail.”

She laughed - with some approval, I think, and not just to patronize some old codger who had struck up a conversation with her in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, the New York City of the Ozarks isn’t the Athens of the Ozarks any more, and the powers-that-be probably wouldn’t drop any New York City references - it might upset some of the other cities in the region. One for all, and all for one, eh?

I still have plenty more bridges to sell where that one came from . . .

Leaving the cult of regionalism and the few remaining lost souls who cling to it aside, I was intrigued when Tracy and I went out for breakfast on Saturday morning, and found a vehicle in a parking lot which had been booted the previous day (an unlucky Friday the 13th for at least one person in Fayetteville) - a two dollar parking ticket, but the bionic restraints on the vehicle would be removed for $100.

I have been aware for some time of the complaints about the parking/booting situation on Dickson Street, but until yesterday I had not thought to do much checking into Hawkeye Parking Enforcement, which runs seems to have attracted the ire of so many folk.

Surely, I mused, what is happening in Fayetteville must be an aberration, and Hawkeye Parking Enforcement is respected - nay, revered - in Dallas, from which they sprang.

You’d think so, at any rate.

Just imagine my surprise, Fabulous Reader, when I encountered page upon page devoted to complaints about the stalwarts running the controversial parking lots in Fayetteville. Some of the words used to describe the operators of the business were less than complimentary.

To be fair, I read page after page after page . . . after page after page after . . .

. . . and couldn’t quite come up with anything terribly complimentary about Hawkeye Parking Enforcement.

It sort makes makes me wonder if anyone in Fayetteville knows how to use this whole search Internet search engine thing, and the wonderful things they might discover if they did? It might brighten up the evening news no end, for one thing, when TV anchors find out that the press releases they get from politicians/corporations may not be the Holy Writ as they seem to think?

But I digress (digression being good for the soul) - bringing us back to the whole Athens of the Ozarks point.

While I always thought that the whole Athens moniker was just a little too precious, it does denote thinking about things before you act, and perhaps even checking them out. Some of those old Fayetteville Athenians would surely have known how to type the name of a business into Google, at the very least, and see what the universe has to offer in the way of information.

For any public figure to express shock or amazement at what has been happening at this late stage, well . . . maybe we should be shocked that they don’t know how to use a keyboard.


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