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Well, it ain't Mayberry: the myth of "small town America" twists reality out of all proportion



Just look at the map of all the sex offenders in Elk City and the crime rate per capita is outrageous, the property values are lower than the national average the school systems broke the police are broke and the people are dirty. I cant wait to sell the fa and move to the city, that's if i can sell this crappy oil tarnished waste land. - posted January 24, 2013


Okay, there are 18 registered sex offenders here in this tiny town of a little more than 10,000. And, yeah, the murder rate has reached double digit status. But as one makes one's way along these streets, where the temperature can reach over 100 degrees in the evening, one has plenty of time to consider the mythology of "Small Town America."

For many years politicians -and many who live in small towns - have pushed the myth of myth of of the purity of the small town over larger cities. Small towns, we are constantly being told by the Sarah Palin type, are more traditional, and embody real family valu
Andy Griffith himself has said that Mayberry was patterned after after a myth.
But people longed to live there. Hell, when I was a kid - moving from military base to military base - Mayberry seemed like the perfect ideal.

Sadly. Barney Fife is far from a myth; we have all seen this buffoon in all walks of life.

If not Andy Griffith, we think of James S Stewart on the porch, or Donna Reed pushing us out to the school bus in the morning.

Those who spill such sort of crap are ignoring - or are just blissfully aware - that live e who live in small towns listen to the same music, watch the same movies/TV shows, and are subject to the same passions as anyone else.

And where I am parking my butt for the next week or so is no exception - even if if it is in Oklahoma.

mericznx."One day, folks in small town America are going to figure it out, and realize that politicians are pulling a con job when they tell them that folks who live i n small town America are the the "real thing."

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