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Carlos Danger: The creepy immaturity of the men who get involved with online sex scandals


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Well, it’s a pretty safe bet that Anthony Wiener has never read anything by Erica Jong. If he had, his “seductive” Tweets wouldn’t have been nearly so immature.

I am not as surprised by Anthony Wiener’s most recent fall from grace as many others seem to be. Neither am I as unforgiving, though I think that “Carlos Danger” - as he called himself online - should withdraw from the race for New York mayor (if he hasn’t already) and seek help for his inability to separate his electronic devices from his nether regions.

Wiener is just the latest politician - of both major parties - to drag his obviously unhappy wife to a press conference, where he proclaims the strength of their marriage.

When Wiener first got into trouble, I was inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt - unlike the professional moralizers out there - because I know that everyone has feet of clay, and how easy it is for us all to fall from the path. of righteousness, so to speak.

But Carlos Danger? Oh, Anthony, get thee to a Sexual Addiction meeting . . .

There is something so indescribably seedy about this, especially as one glances over (only someone addicted to chat room porn could read them all, at least in one sitting) his lusty Tweets, and the realization hits that Anthony Wiener has all the emotional and sexual maturity of a 15 year old boy.

Wait a minute, did I just write, “lusty Tweets?” Well, so much for the power of the Internet . . .

In the 1990s, I wrote an article about sex chat rooms - which is not included in my book, Ozark Mosaic, by the way.

By and large, I came to suspect, that the “men” - and quite a few of the “women,” too - who inhabit sex chat rooms - write this way. In all too many instances, they come (no particular pun intended) across as people who have had absolutely no experience with real sex in their lives . . . save for what they have seen in pornographic movies, read in dirty books or read in chat rooms.

They really, truly think that people talk this way in the throes of passion.

Leaving aside the largely virginal world of sex chat rooms - I don’t even want to know if Carlos Danger has blazed any trails there - there is a grossness to Twitter sex that leaves adult men and women - well, grossed out.

Apart from the grotesque stupidity of any elected official, anywhere, engaging sexually with the electronic world - especially sending pictures of your opinionated poles - there is just the creepy immaturity involved, the growing realization, that while everyone has feet of clay, some can’t wait to leap into the pile.

And unseemliness of it all . . . from both political parties. And people in the media, or the entertainment or sports world, come to that. Among the more creepy examples would include the affairs from those moralizers who vote to keep the world safe for women and children, and them proceed to prey on them.

I was going to give a list of the more interesting sandals, but there are just too damned many of them. Here is a good list:

Lists aside, why are men like Wiener so damned immature? And we’ll extend that to anyone in the public eye who posts such pictures of themselves online.

Are they just idiots?

Well, when it comes to this matter, at least, they are. And in the case of Comrade Wiener, doubly so:

People show other people the pictures you sent them, you moron.

But Twitter?

Someone should teach (if they aren’t already) a college level course on erotic writing; not only would our scandals be more entertaining (and more truly adult) but we wouldn’t have to be exposed to the juvenile Tweets of horny men who fondly imagine they are being seductive . . . given the limits on characters they can use.

Cuz when it comes right down to it, I suppose, as a grown man, I am embarrassed by Carlos Danger and his junior high school level of sexuality.

And I don’t think that Anthony Wiener is the only guy out there who thinks that women get “turned on” by this kind of approach. We’re surrounded by these guys, and their numbers are growing every day, I fear.


Oh, please, not more crap about “powerful men and sex”

This is usually the time when television commentators fill up the air waves with solemn talk about “powerful men” and their sexual urges.

A friend of mine who used to work at the Washington County Health Clinic once told me, “Guys will screw anything, Richard,” and I think maybe her wisdom is not considered enough in these conversations.

Powerful men . . . god, I’m using that cliche now . . . just have more opportunities than the guy working in the car wash or the shoe store.


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