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Adventures in Fantasy Land: Men who equate political “oppression” with rape



And they are usually men, aren’t they?

If one reads letters to the editor, ramblings on Facebook or listens to the rantings on talk radio (where everyone with a microphone is king) we hear cries of “Oppression! Conspiracy! Plots against the American people!” each and every day.

It doesn’t matter if the government is involved in the business of counting calories, enforcing seat belt laws, raising the minimum wage, ensuring worker safety or regulating industries which take advantage of the less well off among us, there are those who are prepared, eyes ever narrowed, voices ever raised in song against what they see as the Dark Hand of Oppression.

Of late, warnings of that oppression have taken an even more strident tone:

The government is “raping” us.

Not actual sexual assault, mind you, though many of those who make the rape claim tell us that “political rape” and real sexual assault - with all of its attendant horrifying reality - are no different from each other.

In fact, as one writer pointed out some time ago, sexual assault affects only one person, while political rape affects us all.

It is almost impossible to express the contempt I feel for such men. They seem totally oblivious to the reality of real sexual assault, and are quite happy to bandy about such terms, thing they are making some sort of legitimate political point.

True, our language has reached certain hysterical levels in recent years, tossing words like holocaust, fascism and Hitler about in a moment’s notice, but the “Political oppression is just like rape, when you think about it,” is more than just intellectual laziness or stupidity.

I suspect it largely comes from men who haven’t opened their eyes to the fact that so many women in their own lives may have been raped at some point, or can just turn off their minds to the pain of another.

It comes, Yapping Reader, from men who are jerks.


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"The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple." — Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

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