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Fayetteville’s Fiesta Square: Destined to be an empty field once more?


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It wasn’t so long ago - at least in carbon dating terms - that the spot upon which Fayetteville’s Fiesta Square shopping center now stands was a drive-in movie theatre, with a wooded area behind it.

Many will tell you that, yes, they knew a Walmart once occupied the site, but that was also a long time ago. What people really know Fiesta Square for are Hastings, the movie theatre, and Harps grocery. Each of these has helped to make Fiesta Square what it is today.

The news - “covered” by news organizations that can’t look beyond corporate press releases - that Hastings will be closing in June is sad news to everyone who has enjoyed coming to the store over the years. No one I have talked to is happy about the news. Employees, of course, are keeping a stiff upper lip . . . but to shut the store down after so many years, after just a few bad months?

And keep another location open in Northwest Arkansas which is considered inferior in so many ways? This is called corporate common sense.

This week I learned just how much Hastings pays in rent per month, and I was taken aback. My first thought, honestly, was:

“Stores pay this much rent and the parking lot is still this bad?”

But after Hastings shuts its doors in June, it won’t be the only empty store front in Fiesta Square. There are already a handful of empty places now.

The Postal Center will be shutting its doors in October, because the owners are retiring.

One more empty store front.

Harps, which may be extending itself a little too far and wide these days, may not lavish as much attention on the Fiesta Square Harps as it used to, which is sort of odd, considering the part of town it is in. But with the West Fork store perhaps not meeting their expectations, might Harps do the unthinkable and shutter the Fiesta Square facility?

And the movie theatre . . . deep sigh.

Actually, I’m not sure why anybody still goes to this theatre anymore, considering the one up by Wally World. I can’t help but think about the day it might follow the path of the old Malco theatre which used to be across the street, and just showed movies for a dollar - the sort of movies which now go directly to DVD, or you watch when no one else is in the house.

What’s gonna bring shoppers to Fiesta Square once Hastings shuts down? Okay, Harps, but what else?

The bank? Hardees?

Big Lots?

Not to worry, though. As each place shuts its doors, the folks on the news will dutifully read the corporate press release . . . and then show you this cute dancing rabbit which is all the rage on YouTube!


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