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The laziness of the Minimum, Wage Class . . . well, not so much, actually


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Raise the Minimum Wage ??? Hummm?? I think the min wage is and should be low & keep lower than even a unskilled laborer . As it is, The min wage people haven't put much effort into learning a skill or trade to try and improve themselves. I don't buy into this crap that they didn't get a fair shake in life. Everybody has stumbled across somebody somewhere through lift that could have taught them or at least the need to improve themselves. As it is the parent that is making min wage is teaching those two kid something !! Right?? Like it's OK to sit on your lazy A-Keaster and wait for your newly elected to give you another free ride on the hard working people's coat tails who have paid the price of working their way up the money train.. That's Right go ahead and give it to them. But when the job market goes down the tube after all these great new Tax's law's, health care laws, Min wage law's & on & on . We should all be OK,! RIGHT? Because we all know our great minds in office have a plan to save us...Right??

I’m not sure what sort of painting Norman Rockwell might come up with, should the Internet have existed in his day, but I suspect it wouldn’t have been exactly heart-warming.

A few days ago I raised the question on Facebook and various listservs (the few that still exist) about businesses offering discounts - you have often seen them as you traipse your way across town, I suspect.

10% for university students!

Free fries for veterans! Yes, Uncle Joe; you fought in Korea so that a giant food chain could give you free french fries on Veteran’s Day.

15% for ______ you name it.

When I raised the question about businesses offering discounts for those who work for the minimum wage, the reaction was swift . . . and once again proof that on Facebook, like everywhere else, people don’t actually read every word you write.

Some seemed to feel that I was suggesting that government somehow mandate that businesses offer such discounts - much along the lines of raising the question of any sort of gun legislation means taking all guns in America away.

Okay . . .

The more difficult to comprehend were the comments on the various pages where folks offered up the old canard that these are just “starter jobs,” and that teenagers occupy most of them. For such folks, I imagine, the idea of a “minimum wage job” means the kid taking their order at Burger King.

More than difficult to read - and even sad, in their own way - were the posts from folks who suggested in strong terms that folks who chose such jobs were “lazy.”

Taxpayer 1

How many minimun wage earners are not HS dropouts, dumb as peanuts, or HS students

Ever since I have been paying attention, there have been Chicken Little warnings that if we raise the minimum wage, Americans would be laid off by the boatload, and the economy would go into a permanent death spiral. These claims - at least the ones I am aware of - go all the way back to the 1970s.

That such a thing has not happened does not deter those who would warn us; they simply assume that we know as little about history as they do.

Another canard is that people do not live on the wage for very long, that these “starter jobs” - like the famous “starter houses” that Realtors sell us - are for those just starting out in life. The fresh-faced and the innocent, the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, the ones seeking experience in the world.

They would have us believe that people do not raise families on the wage, or live on it for years. To which I respond only:


Apropos of nothing: I told Tracy I felt the need to use that word after hearing it in a movie yesterday.

I guess the progs just want to instill more poverty people in this country, that way when they put the carrot on the stick they will have a feeding frenzy of future slave voters who will keep the big brother government in place.

What sort of jobs might one be able to do, and still enjoy the minimum wage? Here are just a few:


janitorial services

busboys/wait staff

fast food workers

hospital housekeeping

certain levels of security guard work

Certified Nursing Assistant

Child Care Provider

Emergency Medical Technician

Automotive Service Technicians

Income Tax Preparer

Lazy? What sort of intellectual bigot would call anyone who works at any of these jobs lazy?

It isn’t all pocket change, of course; you don’t just salt all of your money away in your sock drawer. You have rent, utilities, food, possibly a car payment - and this just scratches the surface.

Then again, we have smug folks who say, well, folks who have a fridge or stove can’t really be described as “poor” - as if in their naive world view they honestly believe that folks can honestly call up their landlord and say, “I’m poor now. Please take the stove and fridge that came with my apartment away.”

It isn’t so much that folks lack empathy and understanding, I think, as that some don’t want to be over-burdened by it. For them, everything becomes an intellectual exercise, and they forget their ties to the rest of the human race.


Recycling political magazines

Sadly, Fayetteville’s public library is no longer among the number which allow magazine exchange racks (not to worry - not all libraries in NW Arkansas are so anal retentive) but even so, there are some other good ways to recycle your political magazines.

I send some off to friends, both in Arkansas and in other parts of the globe, but I also - every time I have to make a visit to a doctor (more often than I like) leave one in their office, for others to read.

It’s all just casting our bread upon the waters, but why not? You never know whose mind you might rescue.


Quote of the Day

As we limit our women, so do we limit our nation. - George McGovern


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