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The Secret Life of Congressman Steve “Walter Mitty” Womack



The least interesting people were the ones who seemed to start with identifying themselves as "conservatives" and then tackled the issue with those blinders on. I've met plenty of uninteresting liberals who do the same thing. - John Moe, "Conservatize Me: How I tried to become a Righty with the help of Richard Nixon, Sean Hannity, Toby Keith, and Beef Jerky"

It was without the slightest hint of irony when Congressman Steve “The Scowling One” Womack had a member of his staff hit the ‘send” key and transmitted the latest “On the Front” dispatch to all of his anxiously awaiting constituents.

TSO, whose sense of irony was lost as his political ambitions rose, wrote this:

“On Monday, January 14, the House passed H.R. 219, the Sandy Recovery Improvement Act, by a vote of 403-0. In short, the bill facilitates Hurricane Sandy and future disaster recovery efforts and reduces costs by streamlining the procedures and increasing the flexibility that applicants have in order to recover from the disaster.

“One of the resounding themes I have heard from my constituents is that we are a nation of laws, not of men. On Tuesday, I joined my fellow representatives on the House floor to read the Constitution aloud as a demonstration of our dedication to adhering to the finite list of powers it grants the federal government. I read Amendment XIV, Section 1-2,and you can watch the entire reading here.

“Tuesday evening, the House considered H.R. 152, the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013. I supported the Rogers Substitute Amendment to H.R. 152, which provided $17 billion in emergency funding to address the immediate needs of Hurricane Sandy’s victims. I hope Arkansans would receive the same support if faced with such a disaster. However, I could not support the Frelinghuysen Amendment which provided an additional $33 billion in funding, including funds for non-emergency relief and other spending unrelated to Hurricane Sandy. Because the Frelinghuysen Amendment was adopted by a vote of 228-192, I ultimately voted against H.R. 152?s passage, which passed by a vote of 241-180.”

One might well argue that we are a nation of human beings, something TSO frequently forgets, in his slavish devotion to following the dictates of others, but I’m not sure he would understand the distinction here. Interesting, isn’t it, though, that he throws in his paragraph about the reading of the Constitution in the middle of the Hurricane Sandy section of his dispatch from “The Front?”

The “non-emergency relief” related to the Frelinghuysen Amendment which TSO had such strong feelings about would have directed some money to the national parks which were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. His own emotional devastation over what has happened to the east coast may have caused TSO to neglect to inform the voters of Northwest Arkansas that the amendment was also strongly opposed by . . .

. . . Americans for Prosperity.

And all of this, without mention of even a word of the little incident some weeks back when he stood in for House Speaker John Boehner, and adjourned the House - even though votes to adjourn seemed to be in the minority - rather than allow a vote on a bill for aid for Hurricane Sandy victims to be voted on, because those who gave the orders he follows wanted it that way.

Now, on gun control:

“On Wednesday, President Obama offered his proposal for increased gun control in the United States and announced 23 executive orders. However, as President Obama said in his address, there is no set of laws nor a piece of legislation that will prevent every tragedy. I believe that limiting Second Amendment rights for law-abiding citizens is not the appropriate reaction to senseless acts of violence, and that Congress rather than the President through Executive Orders should look for ways to protect the people that are in keeping with our constitutional rights.”

I looked in vain for any line about, “Hey, by the way, I got some NRA donations, and so do a bunch of the other folks I think should look for ways to protect our rights . . .” Well, just think how long these things would have to be if he had to include all of that information!

TSO, who as ever, promises to “Lead by Example,” and “Lead front the Front,” is tailor made for the late story-teller James Thurber, who gave us “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” which we all read in high school, and was made into a pretty entertaining Danny Kaye movie.

Like Steve Womack, Walter Mitty is much more adventurous in his imagination than he is in actuality. In his fevered imagination, he is the sort of rugged fellow who truly leads by example, and even from “The Front,” should the occasion call for it.

In reality, he is a domestic Milquetoast, just as Steve Womack is a political Milquetoast.

I wouldn’t look for that situation to be changing any time in the near future.

Is Steve Womack a GOP Trekkie?

I have been staring at TSO for way too long now, his scowling visage, his odd haircut, his monotone when he speaks. And then, one night, like a beacon from a lighthouse, it struck me!

Congressman Steve Womack is a Trekkie!

Just work with on this . . .

I’ve been to SF conventions; I’ve seen grown men and women dressed up like the folks they admire, and might perhaps most like to be. TSO is a Spock wannabe.

The Vulcan haircut, the way he speaks, the grimness when he catches a camera pointing in his direction. It’s a all a Sarek/Freudian slip; why have none of us caught it before?

Except . . . if he really wanted to “Lead from the Front,” he’d be impersonating James T. Kirk, Picard, Pike, Sisko (the finest Starfleet captain of all) or Archer or Janeway.

Kirk: leader.

Spock: for all of his admirable traits, and coolness factor - follower of Kirk.


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