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“What an experience!” Congressman Steve Womack stumbles when it comes to Connecticut shootings



Sometimes it takes me a few days to read over the offerings from Congressman Steve Womack’s office before I offer up any comments. Of course, Cox email mysteriously being down for three days didn’t help matters any, but that’s neither here nor there.

In his latest issue of “From the Front” - which also has the promise “Lead by Example/Lead from the Front,” - The Scowling One gave short shrift to the national tragedy which occurred Friday morning in Connecticut:

“This morning’s shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, is nothing short of a tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of everyone at Sandy Hook Elementary School.”

In the days since the horrendous shootings, he has not had the time to send any additional messages out to his email list.

He (or the person his staff who writes this stuff) was much more eloquent, however, when it came to describing the annual Army/Navy Football game in Philadelphia:

“Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend the Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia. What an experience! And even though the Midshipmen took home the win, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. While at the game, I saw Senior Class President and Rogers-native, Midshipman John Rex Spivey. Check out all of my pictures from the game here!”

I dunno. Maybe it’s just me, but the wild excitement of the exclamation marks may have been just a little out of place, considering the news of the day.

He then goes on to mention regular business, but not one more word about the shootings.


Okay, perhaps I am more than a little cynical about a man who has received $2,000 from the National Rifle Association, - no, I’m not, really.


On TSO’s Facebook page - where all serious people communicate with the world - there is this:

“My heart is broken for Fayetteville's David Lewis and his family. His grandson, Jesse Lewis, was one of the twenty kindergartners killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting yesterday in Newtown. Our entire district and state grieve with those affected by this tragedy. Please pray for these families.”


“Grieving with those at Sandy Hook Elementary School. You're in my thoughts and prayers.”

The sheer brevity of the above makes me suspect that whoever wrote it for TSO must have thought it was meant for Twitter, and not Facebook.

A photo of one of the young victims, with the words, “In memory of Jesse and the 25 others killed at Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday,” also appears.

I was prompted to post something myself to Womack’s Facebook page this morning:

“Will you now and forever decline any further donations from the NRA?”

One might think that TSO would find it in his soul to break from the pack, to actually lead from the front for once, and, by leading by example, help make this country a safer place to live.

But, like John Boozman, TSO is a Good Soldier; he doesn’t break ranks. Leading from the “front” is something that only happens in his imagination.



Still, there is still hope for TSO to “Lead from the Front”

Today, he posted this to Facebook:

“Yesterday, I went down to the House Floor to honor the 80th anniversary of one of the most recorded hymns in history, "I'll Fly Away," by Albert Brumley.”

But wait! There’s more!

“Thanks to one of my constituents in Springdale for already making my whole Washington office laugh this morning!” - in reference to the UPS/Santa YouTube which has gone viral

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