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The Hardest Workers in the World: Being a Low-Information Voter



Oh, it’s true. I have less than no respect (that’s a great and time honored phrase, but what does it mean, really?) for those who manage to become a Low-Information Voter, especially during a presidential election year. Many times we like to think of LIVs as simply folks who get all their “news” from FOX or paranoid websites, but there are even purer LIVs among us who still insist on voting.

We can mock them all we like, but perhaps it is time we honored the hard work that goes into being such a creature. And we’ve all met these critters before.

It isn’t just that they are too busy circling reality shows or sporting events in TV Guide with a magic marker, and don’t choose to watch anything else, but they actually have to tune out:

Any newspaper or magazine within reach - well, easy enough for lots of people, I suppose.

Not watch any TV news at all, save for the sports segment.

Only listen to sports radio or entertainment news - and even then, some commentators will slip up and express opinions on current events from time to time, damn them.

Mute the sound whenever any political ad comes on TV.

Refuse to listen to or take part in any political discussions at work or at home.

Squint their eyes while driving, so they don’t see any political bumper stickers or yard signs.

Walk out of the room when “Breaking News” comes on TV.

When the news comes on the radio, switch to another station.

There are a whole host of other ways we have all observed, but I think we are getting to the general idea here. It’s hard work, and should be recognized as such. You can raise a real sweat keeping this up.

And yet we never have the LIV of the Month - okay, sometimes they are elected to Congress - but other than that, they not honored in their own lands, which is a damn shame, if you ask me.

So if you bump into a true Low-Information Voter in the next few days, why not give them an admiring hug, and then whisper in their ear that the election has been moved to December this year?

They’ll never know the difference.


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