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Fayetteville School Board should do the honorable thing and not terminate Tim Hollis



There is a continuing, mandatory need for heresy in its most profound sense; for freedom to choose and follow truth wherever it leads. —William Edelen (Contemporary American author/clergyman)

Fayetteville teacher Tim Hollis, who has served as the debate coach for Fayetteville High School for over two decades, now finds himself in the unenviable position of debating with bullies.

Next week, the Fayetteville School Board will take action on Superintendent Vicki Thomas’s recommendation that he be terminated.


Out the door, buddy, and we’re not all that concerned about where it hits you on the way out.

Suspended some time back over comments made to Principal Steve Jacoby that Vicki Thomas determined to be offensive and inappropriate, the insubordinate teacher was commanded to complete an anger management program at Ozark Guidance Center.

The insubordinate Hollis thought it over and declined to take that option, as well as apologize to the principal.

I’ll digress here for a moment, and point out that most of my employers in the past have considered me to be insubordinate more than a few times - and in fact, Yammering Reader, I’ll bet that most of you, in a heated moment, have been insubordinate at some point in your lives, as well.

I’d be willing to bet that even Steve Jacoby, Vicki Thomas and most (if not all) of the Fayetteville School Board have been insubordinate at some time in their lives. It’s what separates human beings from automatons.

Digression aside, Ken Swindle, the attorney for Tim Hollis, has filed a motion to block the hearing, which is set for next Tuesday. Hollis has his own suit against the school district in play.

Cooler heads might yet prevail in this instance, but some seem determined that Hollis simply not be around to embarrass folks in positions of authority.

And, of course, Hollis’s fate may serve as an example to others who may refuse to bow under pressure, to anyone who might make a mistake and be tempted to go up the down staircase.


Western Oklahoma and the Marxist Plotters

On the way home from the Dark Heart of America, we stopped at a small market to buy some vittles and a copy of The Oklahoman, one of the most charmingly conservative newspapers you’re likely to find. Inside was a letter to the editor titled “Beyond Economic Illiteracy,” from a Cassandra-in-Waiting in Elk City.

Suffice to say, brethren, we are “ . . . witnessing a Marxist movement.”

The problem with warnings like this, I think, is that so many have been screwed over by “free trade,” and the slavish love of Wall Street, that many Americans don’t fear the Big Bad Red as much as these writers do.

What are they gonna do about that?

Oh, yeah - call them economic illiterates. Because insults always work so well as a tool of persuasion.


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