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Allstate Insurance: Why is this woman smiling? A Ramen Noodle every night diet? Really?



There is an Allstate Insurance commercial which shows just how out of touch a lot of people are in this country. The huckster for Allstate introduces us to a young woman who is on a diet - “ . . . a Ramen Noodle every night diet.”

And yet, we can rejoice, for she is still able to afford car insurance.

And she can still smile. And boy, what a smile. It’s enough to knock your socks off. And have you checked out that fancy ride of hers?

Oh, boy.

Yes, Allstate Insurance is not only for those with their feet on the ground, but also for those who believe in alternate universes, where healthy young women with dazzling smiles can thrive on Ramen Noodles and drive around in cool cars.

Way, way back in the past I lived on a Ramen Noodle diet (and sometimes even lentils) and I wasn’t smiling like that.

Here is a comment from a Facebook page:

Allstate says one of their customers is on a "ramen needle every night" budget. I don't know about her, but I pay $80 a month for car insurance (I have State Farm). For a single person, $80 would buy more than ramen noodles. She is on this budget because she has to shell out X amount for insurance every month.

Basically Allstate is telling us poor people, "You should sacrifice eating a balanced diet, so she can pay them to insure her car."

Most people I know have to add something to the damn things, like peas, just to fill their stomachs.

I’m really not sure Allstate is aware of how much derision this particular ad gets. Just a casual look this morning didn’t bring up any writings of effusive praise.


Americans sitting around the kitchen table talking about their finances

One of the most patronizing lines used by politicians in the last few years is the one they use about Americans sitting down talking about their finances.

We are always “sitting around the kitchen table.”


Like the living room is just off limits for that kind of thing?

It’s one of those cliches - like Joe Six-Pack or “Main Street” that politicians toss off like dead skin. It’s just something thrown into a speech, that they use to show that they are one-with-the-people.


Second Amendment News:: Mother shot in face

Looking through the “Across the USA: News from every state” section of USA Today on July 26, a piece appeared about Thomas Nixon (of Centreville, Mississippi) who was charged with domestic violence and aggravated assault after his mother was hospitalized after being shot in the face.

The police believe that alcohol was involved.


Quote of the Day

Virtually all multitaskers think they are brilliant at multitasking. And one of the big discoveries is, you now what? You’re really lousy at it. [It’s] been demonstrated over and over and over. No one talks about it - I don’t know why - but in fact there’s no contradictory evidence to this for the last 15, 20 years. - Stanford sociologist Clifford Nass, Mother Jones, August 2011

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