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Maybe those “job creators” should have to show a valid business plan before they can get a tax cut - or would that be too humiliating?



"Nobody can be well psychologically if their riches or life depend on the instability of someone else's life." - Rachel Townsend, Northwest Arkansas Workers' Justice Center (2007) - quoted in Little Rock Free Press

I’ve been giving the John Galt question some serious thought lately. Like many, I have made the facetious suggestion that perhaps our venerated “job creators” should be given drug tests in order to keep on receiving the Bush-era tax cuts.

The other day, while riding the bus, I considered that the tax cuts essentially are rewarding those who already have money; they really aren’t in place to help small business, or those on “Main Street” (dear god in heaven, will someone take this hackneyed cliche out to a back alley somewhere and execute it?) because so many small businesses are so very far from being in the top one percent it isn’t even worth making jokes about.

Most of us who have owned or co-owned small businesses don’t have much use for the loyalty that the handmaidens in Congress have for the moneyed class.

Drug tests being sort of silly anyway - more on that another day - what might be a better way for the maligned rich to prove that they should keep on getting getting their tax cuts?

Well, just as teachers have to turn in lesson plans, why not have these captains (captains, hell - admirals) of industry come before Congress and the American people with their business plans, and demonstrate just how the tax cuts they will receive will benefit not only them, but the American people as a whole?

Oh, we don’t need them to reveal information that would destroy their business, but just sit up there with detailed charts, diagrams and long explanations of how they can reduce their work in foreign countries, and begin bringing the jobs back to this country.

Let ‘em talk about their policies when it comes to their employees, and their benefits. After all, you get a nice tax break, some of that can trickle down to the folks who work for you. It’s an old-fashioned concept, but I sort of like it.

Do you provide day care? How are your pension plans?

How many people have died in your employ in the last five years?

Have you been fined by OSHA lately?

Let’s handle these tax cuts on an individual basis.

You know, from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

That has kind of a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?


Number of Tea Party-type folks seeking local offices in Fayetteville this year

I had breakfast some weeks back with a Tea Party candidate running for political office in Northwest Arkansas. Over his coffee, and my breakfast (not really the world’s hottest omelette, no matter what the menu says) he assured me that his approach to “governing” - if it could even be called that - was simple.

Everything could be reduced to “Freedom and Liberty.”

“You know.” I said, adding hot sauce to the world’s hottest omelette, “I’ve been writing about politics in Northwest Arkansas for about 20 years. I think you may find that a lot of issues are a little more complex and subtle than that.”

He looked at me as though exposure to both government and journalism had somehow jaded me beyond redemption. No, he repeated again, every issue coming before government could be resolved by the “Freedom and Liberty” mantra.

Okay, I thought. Whoever votes for you will get exactly what they deserve.

I just mention this little story as there are a number of his ilk running for both Washington County Quorum Court and the Fayetteville City Council in 2012. Their notices to newspapers don’t scream “Tea Party!” but that’s why God made Google, Wearisome Reader.

In the early 1990s the Washington County Republican Party couldn’t get arrested; now they write the parking tickets - or they would if they were interested in revenue.

From just having a tiny minority on the Washington County Quorum Court in the early 1990s, the Republican Party has been able to pretty much become a large voice in Washington County - thanks in no small part to well-disciplined efforts on their part in the mid-1990s.

Will the Tea Party advocates follow the same course? Will liberals continue to scoff at them - all the way up to the morning following Election Day?

And just think - there aren’t just elective offices where their philosophy - as simplistic as it is - can effect life in Northwest Arkansas for years to come. There are volunteer boards and commissions. Bodies which range from government volunteer committees to non-profits which are dependent to some degree upon funding on government funding.

Snicker at them to your heart’s delight - and your political chagrin.


Second Amendment News: Woman shoots, kills long-time co-worker at Pine Bluff, Arkansas plant

As reported in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (July 24): Lillie Foots-Wilson shot and killed co-worker Latange Long following an argument at the Central Moloney plant in Pine Bluff. The two women had operated machines on the plant floor close to each other for almost a decade.

After the two women argued in their workplace, Foots-Wilson complained of sickness and went home shortly after nine am. She returned with the gun.

According to Chris Hart, the vice-president of personnel and community relations, the mood among workers in the plant was “complete shock.”


Quote of the Day

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