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Congressional Candidate Ken Aden never a Green Beret? Paperwork never made it in - or another dark liberal conspiracy?



Only in the political realm could a debate such as this take up our time - whether a Democratic candidate who had seen actual combat (but whose Special Forces claims are now a little iffy) is somehow better suited to represent the people of Northwest Arkansas than a Republican with no combat experience at all, yet addresses all of his constituents with the heading, “From the Front,” as if he were pinned down by enemy gunfire at Guadalcanal, about to single-handedly lead the charge into liberal machine guns.

In recent days the questions over Ken Aden’s actual military status have overshadowed anything else his campaign has hoped to achieve, and he has lost not only much support in the state, but workers on his campaign itself.

If only he were a member of the Republican Party; several members of the Grand Old Party have stretched the truth when it comes to bragging about their military service, and they are still governing us, for lack of a better term.

The Internet - where all serious debate in America is held these days - is ablaze with discussion about Aden’s honesty, or lack thereof. Of course, try as they might, his detractors can’t erase his actual combat experience, which a place I have never been.

Oh, neither has The Scowling One.

One site featured a post from someone who referred to him a as a “communist sympathizer.” Next to the comment was a picture of the most famous Green Beret in American history, John Wayne.

Oh, wait, he he wasn’t?

Well, whatever. Aden is doing himself no favors by not jumping out in front on this issue. Even worse, he is not doing the liberal/progressive voters (of which there are many more than the Democratic Party even suspects) in Northwest Arkansas any favors. He is, in fact, doing them a distinct disservice.

Aden’s defenders are on the Internet, as are many of his attackers. But those opposed to him will also have the help of the sycophantic news media in Northwest Arkansas, who will happily pass along each and every press release from Steve Womack’s office. In this matter they are almost as slavishly devoted as to Womack they are to Wal-Mart.

Aden has whatever alternative media is out there. His supporters have public access television. They can write Letters to the Editor. They have Twitter. They have Facebook, where they can talk all day to each other to their heart’s delight, and not quite realize their passionate debate isn’t reaching the ears of others who really need to be persuaded.

This is combat, something Aden should be used to.

If he has screwed up, he should gird his loins and own up to it.

As it is, too many people are becoming disillusioned, and looking to the Green Party candidate. There is even talk of who the Democratic Party should replace Aden with.

I like Ken Aden.

Not because of his combat experience, though I respect that. I like him because he has expressed ideas that I agree with. But one of the ideas I also like is standing up when you have made a mistake, or misled people (no matter how it came it about).I don’t think The Scowling One is capable of it.

The ball is in your court, dude.


Why I despise John Wayne

I realize that the Duke is the symbol of freedom for many, but while I still enjoy some of his movies, as a human being I don’t have much use for him.

The biggest reason? In a Playboy interview in the 1960s (the same one where he talked about black people perhaps not being ready for the vote) he bragged about a letter he had gotten years before from a general in the Pentagon, telling him that he exemplified the spirit of the American infantryman better than most actual infantrymen.

You idiot (okay, it was a stronger word), I thought, you can’t make the connection in your own head that you are an actor and that these guys you have just put down with your casual insult were guys who really put their lives in harm’s way? So we could have an America where idiotic actors could brag about letters from insensitive generals?


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