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Life is full of “Teachable Moments” - but very damn few people actually learn from them



I was watching a group of talking heads ( sometimes I like to imagine that their bodies are all huge and bloated) on one of the cable channels about a month or so ago, and listened as they all agreed that the Trayvon Martin shooting was a “teachable moment” for this country.

“Like hell it is,” I said from the warmth of my recliner, munching on something my doctor probably wouldn’t approve of.

Sounds sort of heartless, I know, Undulating Reader, but bear with me for a moment.

Because it would, indeed, be a teachable moment (one of those expressions, much like the silly words “awesome,” and “extreme” that should be banned from our speech for a time) if the last few hundred or so teachable moments that we have all had, moments that should have made us as a society look hard at ourselves in the mirror and wonder what was happening with the state of our souls, had actually had some effect.

If the teachable moments of the past had the effect they should, perhaps Trayvon Martin would not have died, and perhaps - just perhaps - we wouldn’t be living in a society in which open racism is so often the lesson of the day, taught by intellectual buffoons with the loudest voices.

Maybe the Men with Bad Haircuts wouldn’t be feeling so emboldened in their attacks on women, not just in their reproductive rights, but also in denying them protection them from sexual assault.

Perhaps if someone had actually forced us somehow to confront ourselves and our inner demons, children wouldn’t feel the need to take guns to school.

Maybe there wouldn’t be so many gun deaths, and politicians held in thrall to the gun industry would actually protect the American people, instead of furthering their paranoid fears of the government “taking their guns away.”

Maybe so many gay people wouldn’t feel there was a target on their back in this over-heated political environment.

Maybe we could prattle less about “teachable moments” and begin the hard work of fixing our society.


Quote of the Day

The real drawback to “the simple life” is that it is not simple. If you are living it, you positively can do nothing else. There is not time. - Katherine Fullerton Gerould


A quote for you, Mitt Romney (oh, and Herman Cain, too) - yes, it’s one of mine

The old cliche that "government should be run like a business" only impresses those who have never punched a time card. Those with long-time experience in the workplace often cringe when they hear some politician proclaim it at election time, all too aware of the reality behind the cliche.

Those who have had the "pleasure" of working for inept or incompetent bosses, and have seen for themselves how wasteful private business can be, are never impressed by that argument. They have learned to fear it. - Richard S. Drake

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