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Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission doesn’t “get it”



“I think as a commission we did the right when the investigation came out. We waited as a commission to not make a rash judgment (and) not to crucify her in public. I’m really fired up about that. I’m fired up about the paper’s treatment of her. She didn’t didn’t kill anybody.” - Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion member Maudie Schmitt, as quoted in the Northwest Arkansas Times, March 27, 2012

Not only does the Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission not get it, I’m not sure they can be trusted.

A&P members voted 4-2 to not only to reinstate executive director Marilyn Heifner, who had confessed to (oh, wait, it was “no contest”) a charge brought against her for the way she dealt with a member of the press (you know, the people who write the stuff which keeps us informed) concerning the possible lease/purchase of the old post office building on the square.

There is this thing known as the Freedom of Information Act, which not only Heifner knows about, but so does A&P member Bob Davis, who once sat on Fayetteville’s city council himself, and was pretty much briefed on the FOIA during his time there, I suspect.

Heifner’s punishment?

Well, while she loses a $4,000 raise granted previously, she does get paid for the time she spent on her leave. Oh, and a “letter of reprimand” will be placed in her personnel file. Boy, that will really hurt her in years to come.

Kudos to Mayor Lioneld Jordan and Alderman Justin Tennant, who voted against Heifner’s return to the position.

There has been a concerted letter- to-the-editor campaign on behalf of Marilyn Heifner, which is perfectly fine. I’ve met some of these people, though, and I would have thought that they might they might have an inkling of the importance of the FOIA.

Would they like to live in a world without it, or in which those asked questions are free to interpret the questions any way they like? Really?

As far as the A&P Commission goes, I suspect that they will be more careful in the future, if only because they know more people will be watching. That might be the only reason, though.

And finally, does Bob Davis have a Steve Clark problem?

When he refers - such as at Monday night’s public meeting to - “There are people in positions of leadership in this city who made very public mistakes. People who have stolen money from taxpayers in this state and allowed to cover it up.” - who else might be be talking about? There might be others he could have been talking about, when he said that,

Fayetteville is a city of second chances, as Davis said, and many of us have found redemption here, yet oddly the face of the Chamber of Commerce President/former Arkansas Attorney General for Arkansas (who got into legal trouble for his misuse of a state credit card) loomed large in my mind for one wild moment.

Ah well, there could be so many others, I suppose.

Way to go, Cox Cable

There was - was being the operative word - a channel that offered some inetesting “retro” programiong (meaning they were in prime time when I was growing up) that was on the Cox line-up. You know the type, The Odd Couple, Star Trek, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and even the British TV series The Invisible Man from from the 1950s.

This week retro truly became retro, as Cox decided to yank it and put in its place a channel which offers reruns of series that practically every channel runs when they need to fill a spare hour.

America’s Funniest Home Videos,
anyone? Burn Notice?

Yeah, I’ll bet people were writing hundreds of letters to Cox just begging for this station . . .


My epiphany concerning “Smart” poultry

Tracy and I picked up something called “smart” chicken from the store yesterday, chicken so totally free from all the noxious chemicals modern agriculture likes to pump into our food that it might have come from another planet.

God, it tasted great! Succulent (a word I never use) and smooth going down the throat. I told Tracy I was ready to do a commercial for them right there on the spot.

And suddenly, from deep down inside of me, came the uncharitable thought:

“Well, if you were that damn smart, how come you ended up on my plate?”


Quote of the Day

If you do not believe in yourself, do not blame others for lacking faith in you. - Brendan Fraser


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