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FOIA: Oh, Marilyn Heifner, you know better than this



I suppose that this is the part of the narrative where, if anyone still cares, they might point out that Marilyn Heifner (or Marilyn Johnson, as she was known once upon a time) was not only mayor of the New York City of the Ozarks, but she also helmed our city during part of the Great Incinerator War, which ended up costing the taxpayers of Fayetteville oodles and gobs of money.

True, Fayetteville was then under the yoke of the city manager form of government (just imagine city government run by managers unaccountable to the people to Fayetteville, and you might get an idea what it was like) but even then, I suspect she knew the the basics of the Freedom of the Information Act.

And now, as Executive Director of the Fayetteville Advertising snd Promotion Commission, I suspect that somewhere along the line, somebody may have talked to her about such things.

But . . . Ms. Heifner lied to a reporter. More than once.

She surely knew better than to even lie in the first place, no matter in what venue the conversation took place. As we all learned from Marvel Comics, with great power comes great responsibility, and even if your power doesn't rival that of a superhero, you still live by the same code.

Yeah, you should resign, Marilyn. Go to Coventry voluntarily, before you are banished there.


Hey, kids, remember your science/civics classes?

Anyone remember the Fayetteville mayor who once upon a time said that a certain pesticide the city was using was no more dangerous than taking aspirin?


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