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The GOP Debates: Some questions that aren’t being asked - and probably never will be


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I have given up hope that the GOP candidates will ever again allow themselves to be questioned in their debates (if they even have any more) by any of the unwashed masses who communicate via Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. For all the ferocity with which they have been attacking each other of late, most of the questions just seem to come from the front pages of the daily newspapers.

God, what I wouldn’t give for a debate sponsored by The Nation, Mother Jones, The Progressive or In These Times.

Yeah, that’s gonna happen around the time Newt Gingrich’s Moonbase Alpha becomes our newest state . . .

So, because a real debate isn’t in the offing, I asked several people what they might ask the Republican presidential candidates if they got the chance to take part in a debate.

Elizabeth Bullock-Rest

Clinical psychologist Elizabeth Bullock-Rest has been a resident of Fayetteville since 1994. A Quaker, she has never been involved in politics until the Occupy movement of September 2011.

Who are your major donors? What do they ask in return for their money? Do you ever feel trapped by a system reliant on huge campaign contributors and lobbyists?

Paul Harris

Paul Harris is a native Californian who moved to Eureka Springs, Arkansas in 2008 to sooth his soul after the stresses of Southern California living and a stint in the Superdome during Katrina and the levee failures.

In light of the fact that most or all of you call yourselves Christians what do you think of the importance of Jesus's and the Bible's messages of helping the poor, accumulating wealth being a sin, and not passing judgement on others in terms of your future policies as President? Please be specific in how these would guide your decision making.

A second question would be:

Do you agree with the statement, "No Man is above the law?" If so, consider this scenario. If you strongly suspect that your neighbor hates you and has a cache of guns and may some day attack your family and you decide to take action by killing him first you will go to prison. However if a President invades another country based on false information resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent people he seems to be above the law. How do you rectify this contradiction and hold people accountable?

Marvin Hilton

Former Cable Administrator for the city of Fayetteville, Marvin Hilton has lived in Fayetteville for two decades. And is the owner of Earthcom Video Productions.

With increasing world population, increasing globalization, which places all workers of the world in competition with each other, and increasing automation, which reduces the number of human jobs, aren't we in a situation where inevitably there simply won't be enough jobs to employ everyone? What is the ultimate solution?

Art Hobson

Art Hobson is a supposedly-retired physics professor at the University of Arkansas, but is working harder than ever on his physics textbook for non-science college students, his newspaper column on science-related social issues, his physics research, and issues such as global warming and evolution education.

What, if anything, should the national government do to reduce the widening income disparity in our country?

Sam Lane

Greenbrier resident Sam Lane is the director of Stop Arkansas Fracking.

The remaining candidates wish to all but completely shut down the EPA to create jobs and help the economy. Why have you not considered the health impacts to humans if the EPA were shut down, and why do jobs outweigh human health?

C.F. Roberts

C.F. Roberts is a videographer, visual artist and freelance writer living in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

My only question would be, Congress (and Obama) just pushed this NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) thing into law. Will you repeal it? That, right now, is possibly the only question worth asking in the political arena.

Some questions from those too shy to have their names listed:

Mr. Gingrich, Recently you invoked the long dead "Saul Alinsky" as a European socialistic demon. Can you explain then, why you clearly have adopted and promoted every single one of his principles and tactics?

How can you stand there and say you’re for the middle class when it’s so obvious you’re for the super rich of the country?!


Newt Gingrich and his dashed hopes to run a “clean campaign”

I wonder if one of the reasons that Gingrich was so eager to run a “clean campaign” earlier (my god, it seems like years ago now) was because there was so just so much dirt on him to be found?


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