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Fayetteville Public Access Television: Heather Drain has left the building



Some weeks ago I attended a going away party at Fayetteville Public Access Television (also known over the years as Fayetteville Open Channel, Access 4 Fayetteville and Community Access Television) for Heather Drain, a long-time employee who was moving on.

There was a lot of affection and respect for Heather at the party, which speaks well of just how highly people came to regard her in the years she worked for public access in Fayetteville.

For many in Washington County, Heather Drain was the the face of public access, the woman in the office who met them and made sure that their video needs were met, by telling them about classes, checking out equipment, answering technical questions or in any of a thousand other ways that made the public access television experience so positive for so very many.

And she cheerfully endured my impression of Richard Harris singing that god-awful song “My Boy” - that alone qualifies her for some sort of minor sainthood, I think.

So thanks, Heather. You’re pretty cool.


But wait! There are other cool people still working there!

For 30 years public access television has been the area’s only true one-stop channel for all sorts of programming, be it religious, public affairs, cooking, educational, music or anything at all - and most of it produced by your friends and neighbors.

Why not give the friendly folks at Fayetteville Public Access Television a call at 444-3433, and enter the exciting (and far easier than you might think) world of television yourself?


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