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Wolf Blitzer: Sycophant to the Stars



So I was watching CNN - why do I torture myself so? - the other day, and seeing Wolf Blitzer “interview” Herman Cain, yet another who would have been the “Strong Man” to rescue America from the liberals who have hijacked it. When the subject of the latest sexual accusation against Cain came up, Blitzer began by saying, “I realize these are awkward questions . . .”

I’m sorry - what?

Unless I’m very much mistaken, this wasn’t two guys chatting at Starbucks; I was watching an interview on what is still pretending - at least for a few more months - to be a cable news network.. Who knows what it will become once they fire every professional journalist and just become the 24-hour a day YouTube channel?

Once again, spiritually shooting my TV, I cursed Blitzer and his immediate ancestors.

When did it become acceptable for journalists - even a Larry King type like Blitzer, who never met a hard question he wouldn’t flee from in terror, to practically apologize for any questions they were asking?

But then again, we are living in an age when “news” programs add music and sound effects to their programs (so the anchors don’t get too bored, I suppose), reminding us yet again of the comedians in the 1960s and 70s who would joke about the “love theme from the six o’clock news.”

Times like this remind me of the British journalist who told Jon Stewart that if she had to watch only American television news she would shoot herself in the head.


Internet Viruses: Oh, this is a clever one!

Internet attackers - especially those who might like us to go to sites that may send a thousand gremlins attacking our computers - have to come up with more and more clever ways all the time to get our attention. This one came my way via email last week.

sent you a mail regarding a divorce settlement and I am yet to hear from you, please contact me if you are still interested.

In a country in which so many people are getting divorced, you have to admit that it’s pretty damned clever.

Okay, yeah, it’s evil, too.

But it still made me laugh.


Quote of the Day

Fanaticism consists in redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim. - George Santayana


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