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Arkansas drills three times as much as other states?



So I’m on a University of Arkansas bus yesterday, and I overhear a conversation between some young people about their Thanksgiving plans. One young woman said that her mother was coming in from Oklahoma, which made her very happy.

It was kind of iffy about her father, though, since he was in charge of a whole bunch of trainees heading to Arkansas, where there is more drilling going on than in other states around us.

Drilling what exactly?

I was pretty sure her that father wasn’t involved in the world of dentistry, but she got off the bus seconds later, and hordes of people separated us.

Okay, so I was left with this to chew on all morning:

Arkansas does three times as much drilling as much as other states around us, and a bunch of trainees are coming in to do the job?

Holy fracking, Batman!


Suddenly God just seems really, really petty

Watching TV the other night and another of those POM Wonderful commercials came on, informing the viewers that according to some scholars, it was actually an “anti-oxidant rich pomegranate” that Eve gave Adam in the Garden of Evil, and not an Apple.

I’d seen the commercial way too many times before, but now I cocked my head and said, “Boy, God was really petty, wasn’t he?”

I mean, maybe the whole thing about the “Tree of Knowledge” thing as a scam, and he really wanted all of the anti-oxidants for himself. Then again, I guess creating a universe does require a lot of energy, and you have to be in tip-top shape to keep things running.

And suddenly, unbidden, came the line from the old Bill Cosby routine about the Garden of Eden, when God yells, “All right! Everybody! Out of the pool!”

Maybe that’s why we are experiencing so many earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters right now. They aren’t necessarily because God is annoyed at our lifestyles, but because the human race has rediscovered the pomegranate.

Tough days ahead, baby.


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