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Congressman Steve Womack’s 2012 campaign policy - The Snotty Approach



The Scowling One seems to have hit upon his strategy for dealing with Arkansas Democratic challenger Kenneth Wade Aden, who once served under his command.

The guy just wasn’t worth remembering.

End of story. Nothing to see here. Move along now, folks.

The Scowling One and Aden both served together in the Sinai Peninsula in 2002, where Steve Womack (a Lt. Colonel in the Army) was in charge of 529 troops, most of whom were from the Arkansas National Guard.

Why doesn’t The Scowling One remember Aden?

Well, he just wasn’t good enough or bad enough to stick in Womack’s memory, so he was probably - what? Just average?

Aden, who was on the Force Skills team, says this is not so, and that he and the Scowling One spoke on several occasions.

A more interesting note is what Aden says is what TSO said to him when they “officially” met once the campaign started.

“How much money have you raised?”

Oh, Steve, good to know you have your heart in the right place.

In the meantime, if anyone is interested in watching the interview I did with Aden, parts one and two can be seen on YouTube at:


What? Do we have to put a stake through W. Cleon Skousen’s heart?

It may be time to call in the Winchester brothers from TV’s Supernatural to take care of the dank spirit of W. Cleon Skousen, who, through some sort of spirit writing (remember that?), has inspired Hiram B. Cooper of Bella Vista to list some of his warnings of the 45 communist goals for takeover in a letter to the Northwest Arkansas Times this morning. Then again, it maybe this guy just reads way too much Mike Masterson.

Get control of book review assignments?

Do the folks who spread this nonsense actually read any book reviews?

Believe me, no one from SMERSH has ever given me guidance when I have written any reviews over the years.

Well, at least he didn’t regurgitate the line about how the filthy Reds were gonna take over school newspapers. Thank god for small favors. I can just imagine Vladimir Putin’s early days in the KGB, deciding whether American school children should review Karl Marx or Naked Came the Stranger in their high school papers.

I wonder if this guy has ever read Skousen’s writings about the slaves being lazy because, well . . . you guessed it, folks.


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