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Come on, Chris Christie, pick on somebody your own size



No man is fit to govern who hesitates about disobliging the few who have access to him for the sake of the many he will never see. - Thomas Macaulay

The Grumpy Old Party Seems to be doing handstands over the chance of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie entering the presidential race. Many pundits put this down to the well-known weakness in the current pick of possible Republican candidates.

But there may be another, uglier reason that many find Christie so attractive.

He’s a bully.

Much of their praise seems to have less to do with whatever policies he has than the fact that he is rude to those citizens who have the temerity to ask him questions he doesn’t want to answer, and is rude in a pretty spectacular way.

“I think he’s great,” enthused a Republican strategist this past week on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews.

Yeah, he’s great, all right.

He’s great if you think that his brand of political thuggery, where one treats ordinary men and women who dare come to a microphone and ask a question like dirt is how the people of this country should be treated, I suppose.

Then again, he’d fit right in with a party whose members applaud wildly at the very mention of executions, or whose members cry out, “Yes!” when the question is asked if a man should be allowed to die if he doesn’t have health care.

Or the mobbish behavior of folks who boo a gay American soldier who asks they a question they think should never be asked.

Chris Christie would fit right in with this crowd.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see other GOP candidates begin to emulate his bullying tactics when folks dare to ask questions that require actual answers, and not the cliches they trot out on the debate stage.


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"A patriot is not a weapon. A patriot is one who wrestles for the soul of her country as she wrestles for her own being." - Adrienne Rich

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