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Come on, Congressman Womack, hold one of your “Jobs Town Halls” in Fayetteville


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Congressman “Scowling” Steve Womack, whose latest email news letter shows him shaking hands with constituents with a grimace on his face, has released a list of the “Jobs Town Halls” he will he holding across Arkansas during his five-week recess from actually voting on any legislation which might help the American people.

The sites include Fort Smith, Russellville, Harrison and Springdale.

The Scowling One also has events planned in Rogers, Van Buren, Flippin and Berryville.

Oddly enough, Comrade Womack doesn’t have any events planned for Fayetteville.

It’s okay, Steve, I can understand a man not wanting to leave his comfort zone, especially in these troubling times. Lots of those pesky liberals live in Fayetteville, and they might insist on asking you questions that you wouldn’t care for.

Questions that your GOP cliches and bumper sticker philosophy wouldn’t satisfy.

So what’s a fellow to do?

Especially a fellow who ignored the wishes of a majority of voters who contacted him during the debt ceiling debate?

Yeah, you don’t go to them and try to explain yourself.

So how does this “Leading from the Front” business work again, Steve?


I’m not sure that Steve is actually aware that not everyone in his district is a Republican

This tidbit from Comrade Womack’s latest email newsletter leaped out out and bit me on the nose this week:

When you consider the fact that we control the House—and not the Senate or White House—one would have to conclude that this deal is a win for conservatives. It gets better than “dollar for dollar” cuts, no tax increases, and gives us a pathway toward a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

You do know that you represent everyone in your district, and not just conservatives, right, Steve?

Nah, I don’t think he does . . .


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