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Hey, gang, let’s build a hotel in downtown Fayetteville! It’ll be different this time, because, well . . .



One can’t help but feel the goose bumps of excitement at the prospect of a hotel being built in the very heart of Fayetteville’s “Entertainment District” - especially now that we have all of our parking problems ironed out on Dickson Street.

Hmm, where to put such an enterprise? Oh, wait! I know! How about on the parking lot of the Walton Arts Center!

Now, I know that there are cynics among us - what my friends and I like to call “aginners” - those folks who protest and whine at the drop of a hat, but they need to see the Big Picture here.

Okay, yeah, the lot would lose about 40 parking spaces once it is built, and about 18 (well, maybe more?) while construction is going on, and the city might lose revenue from those parking spaces, but maybe the city could just raise parking fees in other parts of downtown to make up for the loss.

And, yes, while the report in the Northwest Arkansas Times does say that the city would be reimbursed for the 40 parking spaces that are lost during construction, no mention is made of the additional spaces that will be taken up during construction, we mustn’t think about those extra 18 - or more.

And the money from the developers would be used for a parking deck - somewhere - downtown. So stop whining when you have no place to park your car when you want to visit Dickson Street merchants. One day soon - somewhere - there will be a parking deck.


It’s the Civic Duty of all the merchants on Dickson to support this. And after all, in addition to WAC staff and Chamber of Commerce folks, developer John Davidson says that merchants on Dickson Street are behind the idea.

None were actually interviewed for the article, but the developer says that they are. That’s good enough for me.

And, yeah, nobody actually seems to know what the Walton Arts Center is gonna be, once Bentonville opens their version, but this hotel will be good for the WAC.


And okay, yeah, every time someone says there is a shortage of rooms downtown no one actually seems to mention the only hotel downtown, the Cosmopolitan, and ask them if they really have a shortage of rooms. They just take the word of others, not connected with the hotel.

But again I say, stop your kvetching, and get with the program.

Who are you people, anyway?


The Super Cops and the Anal Retentive: The battle that never ends

We watched the movie Super Cops last night, about the New York City policemen Dave Greenberg and Rob Hantz, who built up an amazing arrest record 40 years ago, and whose derring-do earned them the monikers of “Batman and Robin.”

Other cops, some suspecting corruption, and some just envious of their success, began writing them up for all sorts of things. One fellow officer even wrote them up for wearing sneakers.

Can’t even get a good joke out of that one.


Quote of the Day

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