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When will the White House stop enabling the GOP War on the American people?


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“Why is it we exalt government when it builds bombs and missiles and condemn government when it spends money to vaccinate children, provide health care to the poor and elderly, fund cripple children’s clinics and aid students who are bright and yearn for a college education but who come from families that can’t afford it?" - former U.S. Senator Dale Bumpers

I was playing around with several ideas for the title for this piece, but they all revolved around the idea of the GOP’s war on . .


The Working Class





The disabled

I had several of those in a couple of titles, but realized I had left out others, just as I have left out some in the list above. So, “American people” won out. Which is sort of ironic, I suppose, because it’s about the only place the American people are winning these days.

Some months ago everyone was so proud of President Obama when he assumed a Gary Cooperish stance in the White House and assured the nation that Social Security and Medicare were safe while he was the sheriff. Little did we townsfolk realize that we were just watching a campaign speech, something to be taken as seriously as any stump speech.

The White House has been warned that it may be difficult to win people over to the party in 2012 as long as it pursues this suicidal course of cooperating with the those whose only goal is to see this administration fail. And yet . . .

The White House seems to still be drinking from the same Kool-Aid that led them to believe that the party faithful will support them no matter what. And that worked how well for the Democratic Party in 2010? Instead, it has its eye on the “independent” voters - those political dimwits who still can’t figure out what the hell is going in this country.

Fund-raising letters from the Democratic National Committee - the branch of the party that has no backbone - talk about few of the real problems facing this country. They would like us to send our money so that we can all stand up to Republican efforts to dismantle voting rights in this country. I’m not sure if the DNC has noticed, but it has been going at a steady pace since last election. What are they doing about it now?

Cutting Social Security and Medicare is an attack at the base of the Democratic Party, and if the White House plays along with this, it will do just as much damage as anything the GOP can do to destroy the morale of the American people.

Worse, it will embolden the GOP beyond their wildest dreams.

If there ever was ever a time to contact the White House, and even engage your friends and neighbors in conversation, this is it.


Is Chris Matthews on drugs?

Last night I heard Chris Matthews on MSNBC say that kids who read Rolling Stone think that Tom Coburn from Oklahoma is great, or words to that effect.

Nobody that I know who reads Rolling Stone feels that way. Of course, I hardly know everybody, but still, Chris, when was the last time you actually read Rolling Stone?

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