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Is Osama bin Laden burning in Hell? The increasing trivialization of CNN



I was pleased to learn that 61 percent of my fellow Americans believe that Osama bin Laden is now burning in the fires of Hell, thanks to a CNN poll taken after his death.

Actually, pleased wasn’t quite the word that came to mind.

The once-respectable CNN running around asking people if they believe that Osama bin Laden is in Hell? Isn’t that the sort of stunt one might expect from local news outlets?

What do you think when somebody calls you on the phone and asks you this question? “Uh, sure. Why not?” And then to see the ever-pretentious Wolf Blitzer reporting the results of the poll as if it actually mattered was too bizarre to be believed.

I guess CNN could carry it a step further. When a well-known person is on their deathbed, CNN could take a poll to see if their viewers believe the person should go to Heaven or Hell.

I’m not sure who is giving CNN advice on how to reach out to folks, but I doubt it’s anyone who truly cares about the news.


Oh, wait, CNN, here’s a poll you missed!

With the news that both Coke and Pepsi products were delivered to the terrorists’ compound, maybe CNN could commission a new poll:

Did Osama bin Laden prefer Coke or Pepsi?

And then, of course, you have regular or diet. Let loose the dogs of . . . well, whatever.


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