While TV news was all agog over the Royal Wedding and Obama’s birth certificate, what else might have they been ignoring? | Street Jazz

While TV news was all agog over the Royal Wedding and Obama’s birth certificate, what else might have they been ignoring?



Yes, it’s true. People Magazine Syndrome has finally taken full control of the once respectable nightly news, with news anchors and correspondents gushing like loyal colonists over the wedding of a couple whose main contribution to society after last week will be the opening factories and as the subjects of questions on Jeopardy.

And then we have Comrade Trump and his crusade to force everyone to love Donald Trump as much as he loves himself. Boy, I’m sure that that the whole birth certificate business is resolved. Now we can move on to more important matters, like what TV shows Obama watched as a child, whether he preferred Marvel over DC, and how many times he raised his hand in class to answer questions - in all phases of his schooling.

And I’ve seen those tabloid rags that suggest that he is gay. Maybe Donald Trump should send his crack team of investigators looking into that.

It may be hard to believe, but other things have been happening in the past few weeks and months.

Let’s start with Jolly Olde Britain, where 80 percent of the folks living there don’t give a toss about the royal nuptials. Off with their heads!

Cor, blimey, they only spend about 40 million pounds a year to support the royals. It’s not like that sort of thing could be spent better on public institutions like libraries, health care or education, especially at a time of severe budget cuts.

This is a beauty from one British website:

I see this wedding as an open door for yet another parasite to feed off its host... I begrudge my taxes going towards the upkeep of these parasitic bastards, whilst struggling to keep up the payments on my own home!
To spend so much on a wedding whilst the country is on its knees is obscene proves they don’t give a flyin f*ck about the people who are keepin them in the manner they have become accustomed.


Outside of The Daily Show, I really didn’t see much of that attitude covered.

Closer to home, the creation of the permanent American underclass continues at a breakneck pace. It is almost as if the GOP realizes they only have a couple of years to do this right, and is going full-steam ahead, with the help of an easily manipulated press.

In the great state of Kansas, Secretary of State Kris Kobach has a proposal requiring people registering to vote for the first time to produce a passport, birth certificate or other proof of citizenship.

Yeah, that’s stop those damn voter registration drives at Wal-mart. Bunch of commies.

Because every decent American worth their salt always carries around their passport or birth certificate. Missing from his proposal is the idea to have those checking the identifications wear long black trench coats. But I am sure those can be provided.

Any ex-Stasi folks want to apply for work in Kansas?

In Michigan, a GOP governor has decided that pesky things like democracy and the will of the people may actually be detriments to the public good, so a plan has been hatched to actually dissolve a city or town’s local government if they are “financially distressed,” and the state can appoint an “emergency financial manager” to run the city.

Said manager can void all union contracts (imagine that!) and run roughshod over the democratic process.

It has already happened in Benton Harbor, where the manager issued a command saying that the the city commissioners had no power beyond calling meetings to order, approving minutes and adjourning their meetings.

The residents of the community are outraged.

This is a town which badly needs a public access station, equipped with a website that can send its programming around the globe. Of course, the manager would probably pull the plug on that, day one.

Ridding America of the decadence of democracy, one hamlet and one voter registration drive at a time.


Maine: Who needs schoolin’ when you can flip burgers (or work in coal mines)?

In Maine, where the mural depicting the history of labor was removed from the Department of Labor because it offended some of the governor’s friends, a bill is being considered that would lower the minimum wage for those under 20 years of age. It would also eliminate the number of hours a young person over 16 could work on a school day.

We’ve been to this dance before; younger (and cheaper) workers replacing older ones. Only this time, you are obsolete by the time you are 20.

This is ugly, even for the GOP.


Osama bin Laden

Good riddance to bad rubbish.


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