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Steve Womack’s intellectually dishonest little survey



Congressman Steve Womack’s “Official Constituent Survey” arrived in the mail yesterday, and it didn’t take long to figure out that Comrade Womack isn’t particularly interested in having an actual “dialogue” - I hate that word - with the folks in his district so much as getting answers that bolster his personal philosophies.

The top three offenders on his survey are:

Question #1, about the best way to create jobs.

Should we cut spending, increase spending, cut taxes, reduce government regulations or cut corporate taxes?

#2 - what is most important to us?

Job creation, repealing recent health care bill, deficit/debt, energy costs, or excessive taxation?

#3 - Social Security

Do nothing, preserve by raising age limits or preserve by reducing benefits?

So, do nothing or adopt Draconian measures?

This question, like the others, offers most of its “choices” that fit in the GOP attack on American citizens while worshiping at altar of Ayn Rand, one of the darkest gods in America's political/literary realm.

The other questions deal with the overseas wars and government spending, and his staff must have been asleep at the wheel, because folks get more honest choices.

There is, of course, a blank for “other” that folks can write in.

Aren’t we all used to this sort of this of thing? Self-serving surveys and questionnaires that do nothing but bolster an elected official’s belief that they don’t need to do anything differently. That “the people” are behind them?

My answer on most of the “other” slots?

Increase the taxes on the rich.


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