Will the birthers now shift gears and become the “schoolers”? | Street Jazz

Will the birthers now shift gears and become the “schoolers”?



Now that President Obama has given in to the “intellectual” bullies and released his birth certificate, will they be satisfied, stop their whining and become productive members of society?

Yeah, right.

Now that Donald Trump has begun the Second Wave of Attack, by questioning whether or not Barack Obama even went to all them fancy schools in the first place, and even telling interviewers that he heard (where? In a dark alley?) that Obama wasn’t all good a student to begin with, the birthers will probably just become some version of “schoolers,” determined to find out just what Obama did between classes - if, indeed, he even went to class.

So much new stuff to hound Obama over! So much to distract the press with! Oh, this will be so much fun!

Soon we’ll have simple-minded state legislatures requiring that presidential candidates must provide living witnesses to them ever having been anywhere they say they have been at any point in their lives.


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