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Sy Fy Channel website thinks “fan mail” from potential stalker is “cute but creepy”



It is a sad fact of modern life that celebrities attract more than their fair share of attention from the unsavory, some of whom actually turn out to be very dangerous.

It is also a sad fact that the Sy Fy Channel website has, for a while now, been targeting young “men” as their audience, posting provocative (never nude) pictures of female stars along with news happening in the world of sciuence fiction.

Occasionally they will scrape the bottom of the barrel, just to see if anyone is paying attention, I suppose.

In the past couple of weeks they posted an item - “Image of the Day: Jewel Staite's cute but creepy fan mail.” - which was a “fan” letter sent to jewel Staite, formerly of Firefly and Stargate Atlantis.

Dear Jewel Staite.

Hi! My name is John (last name blacked out). I was wondering if I could get an autograph picture of you in a 2 piece swim suit, or in the nude. I was also wondering if you would go out with me. I am very kind, caring, loving, passionate, romantic, sweet, and generous. Please say yes to both requests.


Unless the website folks at Sy Fy are 15 year olds - which sometimes I think may be the case - they must be aware of the infamous celebrity stalking cases. They could pick up a newspaper and read about the stalking of women who aren’t celebrities, but have had their lives ruined.

Ruined to the point of being murdered.

At the very least, it was irresponsible of Sy Fy to run this piece, especially with the “cute but creepy” heading. What is wrong you guys?

As for those leaving comments on the site? These were some of the more interesting:

In fairness, he's largely just inappropriately saying what we're all thinking. Sorry Jewel, we're all in love with you...

Jewel, you had to have known for some time that you were going to get this sort of thing. Especially after playing that sweet and somewhat innocent little girl (not too innocent, remember in the first scene where we met Kaylee, she was having sex with the original engineer, then took his job, poor guy). And from your blogs, it seems that a consideable amount of Kaylee's personality is also yours. Price of fame. I'm sure many of us feel the same way as "John". (I must admit to wanting to see those pics myself) We're just not quite enough of a looser enough to send that sort of letter.

Can't blame a guy for trying. I bet he sets his sites on Summer Glau.

One reader did post this:

Yesterday a male coworker of mine told me that not all men are creeps. My best friend is a decent guy. So is my dad, and my brother-in-law. So I'm holding on to hope, in spite of some of the comments here.

There does seem to be a complete lack of awareness on the part of Sy Fy that they may have crossed a line they should never have gone anywhere near by putting this on their site.

Life is full of what we call “teachable” moments. Sy Fy sent the wrong lesson this day.


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