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Why I am suddenly very afraid of Joey McCutchen



I’m not saying that there are any reasons in particular here to bne frightened of the McCutchen family of Fort Smith , but young young Joey has me especially worried these days.

I’ve been watching his new commercial, with him touting his new law firm, and I am struck (I watch way too much TV) of McCutchen cruising the streets at night, and saying to the camera that a law firm has to have a “commitment to personal injury.”

I don’t know, maybe it’s it’s just me, but I found the image of an attorney cruising the streets of Fort Smith after dark , hands tightly gripping the steering wheel, with his “commitment to personal injury” too insane to just let go.

It would make a great movie, wouldn’t it?

Obviously no one else thought it a little odd, either the folks who wrote this or the ones who produced it. And the folks at the law firm had to give their seal of approval on it before it ran.

It is pretty, though.


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