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Streamside Protection Ordinance: Secure Arkansas targets Fayetteville



The folks over at Secure Arkansas have decided to lend a hand and help get the petitions out for the Streamside Protection Ordinance election in by the due date of March 31. In one of their usual breathlessly panicked emails they wrote about how help is needed to get over 5,000 signatures so the matter can be on the ballot.

The plan was to have packets at last night’s Washington County Tea Party meeting, so they will be coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

They see the ordinance as akin to “eminent domain” and are stirring up the property rights folks.

There are folks in Fayetteville too young to remember the property rights battles back in the 1990s, but they got kind of ugly, with lots of rounds of personal attacks on the elected officials who were doing the work of the Satanists at the United Nations.

While true that talk radio is no longer the player it once was in our area, the property rights folks can use letters columns and public access television (if they have their wits about them) to their hearts delight.

We can snicker at Secure Arkansas and the property rights movement - especially those who don’t have much experience with it - but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. You won’t find much about Take Back Arkansas on the Internet, but they were a local property rights group with some sway in the Arkansas legislature.

Gird your loons.


Dickson Street Parking: A Tale of Two Papers

The Arkansas Traveler, the student paper at the University of Arkansas, has done yeoman’s work in reporting the downtown parking situation, covering the matter from angles rarely seen in other papers.

There was an interesting view as another Fayetteville paper in our midst took a slightly more snarky perspective, running a photograph with the title “Still Angry.”

It seems that Doe’s Eat Place on Dickson Street has posted signs in their windows proclaiming that they are proud not to be members of the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce due to their support of the paid parking downtown.

The caption under the photo says:

“Seems someone is still displeased with the city’s pay parking program, isn’t willing to let it go and is venting some of that displeasure on the local Chamber of Commerce.”

Gee, maybe you you could talk to the folks at Doe’s?

You want coverage about Dickson?

Arkansas Traveler.


On the Air with Laura Kellams

Laura Kellams, Northwest Arkansas Director of Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, will be the guest on my show this week.

Kellams joined AACF in 2008, after working for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for 11 years, writing about regional affairs in Northwest Arkansas.

Founded in 1977, the AACF has long been at the forefront of fighting for rights of the ones in Arkansas who often have the least protection - children, through its work in juvenile justice and the welfare system. AACF led the battle to create ARKids. The program which provides health insurance to children of working families.

In addition, there are a whole host of other issues that AACF is involved with, several of which Kellams discusses in the interview.

Those desiring to know more about the organization can check out their website:

Show days and times

Tuesday - (noon)
Saturday -(6pm)

C.A.T. is shown on Channel 218 of the Cox Channel line-up in Fayetteville.


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