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Snobbery and the Twitter Revolution



Yes, Matthew Petty.

You were right, and I was wrong.

Some time back I ragged on Fayetteville’s Matthew Petty for his Twitter enthusiasm but since then I have been persuaded that it is, indeed, something that we ignore - or make fun of - at our own peril.

Especially if you care about politics or social issues, and most especially if you enjoy torturing and generally mistreating the people of your own country.

Now, I will admit that with only 17 followers that doesn’t put me at the head of any great social movement, or that I am having influence over a large number of people, though any number of lunatic religious leaders have had beginnings just as humble, I suspect.

But for all the egalitarianism of the Twitter world, and how it has brought folks together, and made it easier to communicate, there is a form of snobbishness on the medium that many do not even know about. One might call it the Facebook Factor.

On Facebook one has to get “approval” before you can be friends with someone - just the same as on a playground or in a bar.

Imagine the surprise of many people when they discover that there are folks who will not allow you to follow them unless they approve of you first, and accept you into their Twitter clubhouse.

Once I discovered that one had to be approved as a follower by such self-important Twitter posters I asked a lot of my friends who also use Twitter if they had ever heard of such a thing.

Nah, it was a complete surprise to everyone I talked to.

Yeah, it’s all fun and games till someone gets an eye put out, or the snobs move to town.

And yet - and yet - I’ll bet a bunch of the new Twitter Snobs still like to think of themselves as being part of the same revolution as the folks in Egypt or Iran.


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