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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Hair Salons in Space



Tracy and I were watching Star Trek: The Next Generation the other night, with the episode where Tasha Yar’s sister shows up, amidst a group a rag-tag “freedom fighters,” or rebels or damned leftists as Glenn Beck might think of them.

Actually, I don’t know anything at all about their politics. As I watched the episode, all I could think about was how really nice their hair looked.

And their clothes. Man, their clothes, considering they were always fighting for their lives, were great. The leader of the group even had the sleeves of his jacket rolled up, ala Don Johnson in Miami Vice.

They were obvious adherents of the only line they remembered from Zorro, The Gay Blade:

“There’s no crime in being poor, just in dressing poorly.”

Several years before, the Security Chief of the Enterprise, Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby) hid been killed on a mission to a planet’s surface, and now, who should turn up among these rebels, but her embittered sister.

She was bitter, you see, because Tasha had left the fight and joined Starfleet. As the episode progresses, however, it soon becomes painfully apparent that the real reason Tasha Yar left was because her sister refused to go to acting school.

But, boy, did she have Great Hair! Not a a strand out of place, And cut perfectly across the bottom. She could have stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine.

If you look at the wasteland of television that was 1980s television (and I’m not counting Next Generation among those) you see a lot of really Great Hair and Great Clothes, but not a lot of Great Acting on the part of guest stars on episodic television, unless it was on something like LA Law.

But this was outer space, dudes! It wasn’t supposed to be like, “Our world fell apart, and all we had were the clothes on our backs, our weapons and some really great scissors.”

For crying out loud, can’t you at least try to look a little disheveled?

I’ve seen rebels on Babylon 5, Doctor Who and Blake’s 7. I’ve seen folks who looked liked the only reason they might have for a blow dryer is to get you ready for Christmas dinner.

They were all taken in by her Great Hair, naturally, and Tasha Yar’s sister betrayed them. I have, of course, given you the Classics Illustrated version of the episode; other things happened, but I was too mesmerized by her Great Hair for them to sink in.

They let her go at the end of the episode. “I did what I had to do,” was the lame excuse that she gave to someone.

In my ending. I would still have let her go, but sent her to the ship’s barber before returning her to her fellow fashion catalog magazine rebels. I’m sure that he could have done something to mess up that hair of hers.

And in a culture like theirs, that would probably be a fate worse than death.


The creepiest new show on TV?

Does anyone else think that Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets on Investigative Discovery is one of the creepiest shows to come along in a very long time?

Obviously inspired by The Lovely Bones, the show is narrated - kinda sorta - by the murder victim, who tells us the story of the hunt fir their killer.

As opposed to The Lovely Bones, all of the victims on Stolen Voices sound like abject simpletons, and cliche upon cliche is hurled at the audience every few minutes. As you watch it, you think “Dear God, were you that inane when you were alive?”

Someone didn’t steal their voices soon enough - no offense to the dead - or at least steal the scriptwriters' keyboards before this creepy show ever got off the ground.


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