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The Open Channel: Public Access Television and the People Next Door



At long last, the impressive documentary telling the 30 year history of public access in Fayetteville by film-maker Niketa Reed will have a public showing in Fayetteville.

Thursday night, at 7pm at Fayetteville’s Cosmopolitan Hotel, will be the official “world premiere” of this impressive piece of work.

I’ve seen it, and it’s a beautiful documentary. It details the very beginnings of public access in Fayetteville, all the way from Fayetteville Open Channel to Community Access Television.

It was also be an evening in which the public will be introduced to Ms. Anne Shelley, the new director at the station, as well as the new name for the station.

Yes, stalwart readers, a new name.

It will also be an opportunity to meet folks from both the past and present, and a chance to honor Marion Orton, without whom Fayetteville probably would not have the thriving public access scene it has today.

Getting back to the documentary, the passion and eloquence of those who love and defend public access shines throughout the documentary.

You really don’t want to miss this lovely piece of work.

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Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan? Oh, yeah . . .

I don't much like stories that take several books to tell the tale (the Thomas Covenant tales being an exception), but the late Arthur C. Clarke and collaborator Stephen Baxter did a bang up job of storytelling in their Time's Odyssey novels, Time's Eye and Sunstorm.

Time travel, alternate earths, and fending off the machinations from a galaxy far, far away make this great bed time reading. And if you've ever wondered what might happen if the armies of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan ever met in battle (of course you have), well, these are the books for you.

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