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Isn’t an “upscale” Waffle House a contradiction in terms?



Many folks have missed the days when ROTC and Jerry’s graced the downtown area. There has been a lot of cheering since the announcement was made that Waffle House - one of the great equalizers of our time - would set up shop in our midst, in Underwood Plaza.

We know it’s a certainty; they have a Facebook page!

Facebook was actually alive with a lot of enthusiasm on the subject itself, until Bill Undwerwood let the other shoe drop and announced that the Waffle House was going to be “upscale.”

“Say what?” came the collective cry from several observers.

Upscale? Is there gonna be, like, a wine list?

Okay, whatever, Bill.

Well, the nice thing at least is that it will provide employment for folks, and being “upscale” and all, maybe they’ll get more than what laughingly passes for the living wage.


What do Fox News Edge and Daffy Duck have in common?

Laying in bed the other night, too damn lazy to turn the channel when Fox News Edge Came on, so I listened for a time with my eyes closed. After a while, I jerked to full wakefulness, with one question in my mind:

“Is this a news program or a cartoon show?”

Sound effects on the news? I wonder which non-journalist thought that was a good idea.

One saw this coming years ago, of course, with the annoying addition of cloying, sad music in the background of news stories that are designed to pull at our heartstrings.

A few decades ago a comedian had a line (which people laughed at) about introducing a famous composer with his “love them for the evening news.”

Deep, deep sigh . . .


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