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The Little Old Lady and the Walton Arts Center: A hell of a long way to come just to read a letter


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Is this just some some sort of generic sculpture, or what?

For a long now, the Walton Arts center has been graced with the metal artwork of the little old lady sitting on the park bench, tending to her knitting, along with a little girl with a watering can.

Sitting alongside the dear old lady are her bag with knitting manuals and papers scattered on the park bench, including her mail.

Ah, her mail! She has come to the beautiful Walton Arts Center on Dickson Street to read a letter from the folks back home. How much sweeter an image can we find?

But wait! What’s this? On closer examination (something few have ever done, I’d be willing to wager) it turns out that there is something a little hinky about this whole mail thing.

True, while the return address on the letter is from the good folks in Holyoke, Virginia (folks who still recognize the value of an old-fashioned letter) the addressee actually lives in McClean, Virginia.

Say what?

McClean, Virginia?

I don’t know - couldn’t we at least have asked that the sculptor individualize the work a little by one little touch, and have the letter addressed to someone in Fayetteville?

Well, maybe someone can send her Special Deliver letter or Christmas Card to sit on the park bench, or at her feet . . .


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