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The whimsical world of Mike Masterson


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A saddened Mike Masterson and his wife took a derive around Fayetteville one day last week. Actually, they left feeling happy - according to his November 26 column in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - but sadness soon swept over them as they drove by all of the “ . . . empty businesses that only a few years back held popular businesses.”

The saddened columnist then listed some of the once-thriving businesses. There was only one conclusion that Comrade Masterson could come to for his gentle readers:

No doubt the brunt of what our polarized and politicized elected government has inflicted upon us is hitting with full force.

Oh, Mike, you sage, you!

Except, dude, some of these businesses have been closed for years - long before the current administration that you like to whine so much about was even elected.

And Perry’s Jewelers?

Oh, Mike, do you actually read newspapers anymore? Perry’s Jewelers is shutting down because the owner is retiring.

Please, someone, if you see Mike, give him a hug and let him know that not everything is Obama’s fault.


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