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Does UA’s student paper consistently scoop the Northwest Arkansas Times when it comes to covering university issues?



This is one of those blogs where you suspect that the writer of the above question already has his answer in mind. In this case, the answer is a resounding yes, it does.

Since I ride the UA Red bus route several times a week, it affords me the opportunity to pick up The Arkansas Traveler, which is put out by Journalism students.

Ah, a student paper, the Crazed Reader might wonder at this point. What would have a student paper have in it that might interest me, a (probable) non-student?

Well, gee, let’s see what the stalwarts the Traveler have covered in-depth that the NWA Times seems to have glossed over, if it covered them at all?

Revised Parking Policy Can Only Hurt Dickson (October 5)
One editorial writer (Tony Cosgrove - Student Speaks Out column) made the point that paid parking may increase the possibility of drunk driving, especially if students will drive further away to avoid the paid parking.

Same issue - UA Alum wins Playboy Fiction Writing Award

UA Earns C+ for Sustainability (October 10): The Sustainable Endowment Institute came out with its 2011 report card. It’s not not a negative thing, but if you weren’t reading the Traveler, you missed it.

Equal Rights Are Not Special Rights (October 13): columnist Jonathon Cox, writing about anti-bullying legislation, mentions that when Blanche Lambert Lincoln, questioned about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, issued one of her infamous form letters in which she warned that “equal rights” must not become the ever-dreaded “special rights.

Behind Closed Doors: Lawsuit alleges hazing, negligence (October
27): The detail in this article put the reporting in both the NWA Times and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette to shame.


Granted, a lot of the writing in the Traveler is of interest just to students and faculty of the University of Arkansas, but there is a lot that the community-at-large would be interested in. And a lot of the columnists are not nearly as pedantic as the columnists in the daily press around the world.

Check out The Arkansas Traveler. It’s a lot of fun, and you’ll learn a lot about the concerns of the university students in your own community.

To read the Traveler on online:


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