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An election based not on rationality, but on fear



I am afraid of you.

I mean, I’m really afraid of you. I don’t even know who the hell you are, but you scare me to death. Your values aren’t my values. And if you and your ilk succeed in taking control of this country, my life (and the lives of all those I hold near and dear) will not be worth a plugged nickel.

I’ve seen the television commercials warning about Obama and his gang of communists and fascists - even though the two terms are mutually exclusive. I know that forcing health insurance companies to cover folks with pre-existing conditions will one day lead the American people to our very own Tiananmen Square.

I know that even though I voted for him, my president hates me because I am white. I know this because of the multitude of hysterical emails I get from around the country every week.

Speaking of emails, I have been reading the messages from folks who have been warning me about FEMA concentration camps, ready to be stocked with those decent conservatives unwise enough to stand up to the communist fascists now in control of our country.

I also know that if the wrong party takes control of the White House in four years, those same FEMA camps will be made ready for folks like me - just like they were under the presidency of George Bush.

I know that soon women will have to travel to foreign lands in order to obtain an abortion, and liberals in Texas will soon have to home-school their children just so that they can read honest American history.

I know that the minimum wage will soon be shredded, and we’ll all soon be working for piecework wages.

I know that Christian Reconstructionism and radical Sharia law will soon be be battling it out for supremacy in parts of this country.

I know that both major parties in this election are playing the fear card as relentlessly as they can, and that actually does scare me - and disgusts me, while we’re on the subject.

So I’ll be going to vote today, all the while wishing that you had stayed home, playing video games.


Yeah, well, maybe they’ll address this stuff after they get elected . . .

In the meantime, maybe our stalwart candidates might have had the guts to talk about:




Racism - except for making it okay to be a racist in some media/political quarters

The ballooning military budget

I’ll bet that you could come up with your own list that they never had the guts to go near, couldn’t you?


Quote of the Day

I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers. - Kahlil Gibran, "Sand and Foam"


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