Maybe we should do what the Chinese do” - Are media, Washington, deaf to real anger in this country? | Street Jazz

Maybe we should do what the Chinese do” - Are media, Washington, deaf to real anger in this country?



I was listening to some custodial workers on their break last week, and they were discussing the chemical sludge that killed several people and entered the Danube a few weeks ago. As one, they expressed satisfaction that the head of the chemical company responsible for the delude of sludge had been detained by authorities.

“Maybe we should do what they do in China,” one person suggested, bringing up the policy of imprisonment or execution when people die as a result of such actions.

This is hardly the first time I’ve heard this over the years. And no, the vast majority of those suggesting such actions haven’t been Marxists - some have even been hard-core Republicans. What they have all been though, are all members of the working class who have come to view the laws in this country with some contempt, especially when it comes to protection of consumers or workers - or even innocent bystanders, who neither work for a company nor buy its products.

People die from Salmonella - we have congressional hearings.

Tainted peanut butter sickens or people - we have congressional hearings.

Coal miners die - we get congressional hearings.

The list goes on and on. It is a rare circumstance in which a plant manager or CEO actually faces prison time when an innocent American loses their life, except on a TV melodrama.

Count me as one of those who despise the Chinese government, and again as one who opposes capital punishment. But I’d glad skip the hypocritical congressional hearing rooms for a court room for some of these men and women who bring death and destruction, and whose only “punishment”: is to be chided by a congressman.


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