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No wonder Newt Gingrich is so afraid of Sharia Law



Newt Gingrich has been making the rounds lately, stirring up the Orcs with the spectre of Sharia Law being established in the United States. While some commentators have dismissed this as simple bone-headed racism on the Newtster’ part, there may be very more reasons for his wide-eyed warnings, which have almost bordered on outright hysteria at times.

After all, a man with Gingrich’s loose interpretation of the traditional marriage vows might have much to fear from the uglier side of Sharia Law, as practiced by its crueler adherents. It’s not only women who get stoned for the “crime” of adultery; men get to rock ‘on, as well.

But, dude, I guess you haven’t figured yet out that a lot of your newly found friends in the Tea Party movement belong to the old Christian Reconstruction movement, which just lives for the day when Old testament law might be established right here in the United States.

And yes, Comrade Gingrich, they’re pretty big into stoning, too.

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